Introdution of badminton court etiquette

As well as the basic rules of badminton and training methods , court etiquette is also very important in badminton.

Below are some common points of etiquette for your reference that, although they aren’t formal standards like the game’s rules, will help you have more fun, make more good friends and help you be a popular player!


Badminton court etiquette and rules are equally important !!


  • Wear tidy and clean sports clothes.
  • Don’t make any sounds that will put your opponent off during a match.
  • Don’t go under the net when changing sides.
  • Picking up the shuttlecock: If your serve fails or the shuttlecock lands in your side of the court you have to pick it up and hit it back to the opponent. This is basic etiquette.
  • Don’t hit the shuttlecock under the net when returning it to the opponent, it must be hit over the net.
  • The decisions of the referee must be respected.
  • In a formal match, if an opponent's shot is clearly out of bounds don’t play a return shot as this can be seen to be mocking your opponent.
  • When one side is unhappy with the shuttlecock and asks you agree to it being changed, agreement should be given. If the opponent changes many times without good reason the referee will intervene.
  • No instructions should be received during a match.
  • When the match ends, whether winning or losing, the players should shake hands; the losing side shouldn’t ignore the other out of pique. The referee should also be thanked and his/her hand shaken.
  • For team matches, both sides should first line up and shake hands before playing.
  • When you or your partner lose a point when serving or smashing you should return the shuttlecock to your opponent not wait and let them retrieve it.
  • When serving, pay attention to whether the opponent is ready.
  • If a smash hits the opponent or a lucky point is won (when the shuttlecock hits the net but still goes over, for example) a gesture of apology should be made.
  • Take shuttlecocks: many players don’t take their own shuttlecocks when they play other teams and wait to use the other team’s shuttlecocks. This is a bit impolite.
  • If a shuttlecock flies onto another court first offer an apology and wait until the other players stop before retrieving it (don’t let a player tread on it and get injured.
  • When passing by a court a distance of at least one step should be maintained (for safety and to show respect for the players.

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